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For Love. For Vengeance. For Justice.


It Cant
Rain All
The Time.
The Sky
Wont Fall

"I'm Remembering, And It Hurts...

I like I LIKE: *cough* THE CROW *cough* disturbed, blink 182, dashboard confessional, audioslave, the cure, the distillers, stone temple piolets, system of a down, sum 41, the offspring, the yeah yeah yeahs, the dead milkmen, yellow card, story of the year, linkin park, kiss GC, rancid, MTX, The Dandy Warhols, The Darkness and soul asylum but yeah... I like... alternitive rock and some harcore rock and punk rock/punk pop and some emo. I love plaid, checkers, and stripes. i like red, purple, green, darkish blue, and pink. but only with lots of black. I like guys with eyeliner, tatoos (even though i have none), spikes, chains, beanies, mohawks, I like... Hello kitty, cherrycoke, ice hockey (go ladyJags...), snow, pins, safetypins... and more random nifty stuff. my favorite movies are the crow, drop dead fred, gremlins, jaws, final destination... i like dumb horror movies... my favorite tv shows are i love the 70s/80s, that 70s show, stargate sg1, the x files, mtv 2 rock countdown, and rockfest on vh1 classic. I like shows having to do with rock, old stuff, and scifi. i am a total scifi dork. In my opinion, the hottest guys are brandon lee, gene simmons, benji madden, and a random guy i found on vampirefreaks.com... im not a vampire, though... even though i hate sun and think blood tastes good... lol
I don't like Preps, overly emo people, Wiggers, People who say they're gangster/ghetto fab, Limited Too, People who say that jelly bracelets have some sort of subliminal sexual meaning, Small and adorable woodland creatures, Anything bright and colorful (i.e.: Nardello's glasses), School, Rap/hip hop, Holla (the word), Helen Keller haters, People who feel bad for Ms. Keller while I make fun of her, Hari Karishnas, mean people, popular people, jaguars and flippy phones because they make me feel small and insignifigant, people, hot weather, being outside in any time but winter unless its cold or rainy or dark, posers, fefe dobson, boybands, people who think theyre too cool for the rest of mankind, and pretty much everything else.

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my real name is Liora but... alli and my dad call me spike. thats a cool name. i like...